Sophos Reporter Release Notes
   All Release Notes Sophos Reporter (2021-09-28)
  • Fixed a rare deadlock issue that may cause the Fastvue Reporter service to lockup, and the front-end user interface to load very slowly or timeout.
  • Fixed issues where the data outside of the retention policy may not be deleted.
  • Folder paths added to the Windows registry are now quote qualified, resolving ‘unquoted service path enumeration vulnerability’ issues.
  • Removed the ability to change the Data Storage path in Settings | Data Storage, as doing so would cause the user interface to be unresponsive until all data had moved to the new location. This was a poor user experience and had the potential to cause further issues if the server is rebooted during the data move, potentially corrupting data. You can still change the Data Storage location, but this must be done manually. See our knowledge base article: Changing Fastvue Reporter’s Data Location.
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