Sophos Reporter Release Notes
   All Release Notes Sophos Reporter (2019-08-06)
  • Fixed issue where Fastvue Reporter's data retention policy could prevent or slow the service from shutting down when it is deleting multiple indexes.
  • Fixed issue where the database status toggles between Operational/Failure status when running reports on a large number of old dates (older than 32 days).
  • IT Overview Widgets now show the 'number of blocks' for the top blocked site, top blocked category and top threat instead of size.
  • The Users by Size and Departments by Size widgets now excludes non-web traffic. Non-web traffic was being displayed as 'Series 1' in the charts in these widgets.
  • Failed Traffic widget in the Blocked Traffic sections now populates correctly when using Sophos XG data.
  • Fixed issues in URL parsing when the logged hostname also contains a port.
  • Changing data location via the UI or API now rejects the request if the path is the same, is a subfolder of the original path, or the new path cannot be written to.
  • Fixed areas of the user interface that were not working when installed on non-English variants of Windows Server. For example, viewing Import Issues was not working when installed on Turkish Windows. All ID-based lookups now use case-insensitive invariant culture string comparisons.
  • The installer now detects 32-bit operating systems and blocks installation.
  • Updated 3rd party libraries and licenses in Settings | About.
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