Sophos Reporter Release Notes
   All Release Notes Sophos Reporter RC (2015-03-24)
  • Sophos sources can now import manually downloaded archived web filtering log files in their original .zip format without first requiring extraction. Caveat: The dates of the log files inside the zip must fall before the first record received in a Sophos source to be imported. Zip files can therefore not be used for syslog gap-filling, but extracted zips (text logs) work fine for syslog gap filling.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on the 'Share via email' input launches email settings dialog, even if email settings are properly configured.
  • The share report non-private URL is now built using the site's public interface setting (specified in Settings | Site Settings) rather than the current URL (such as localhost).
  • Share via email now works when hitting the enter key after entering an email address.
  • Control characters (such as new line) and whitespace are now trimmed from incoming Syslog messages. This fixes an issue that prevented usernames from being aliased into AD usernames and departments due to the username field not being qualified with quotes (e.g. user=bob vs user="bob") in the log, and immediately followed by a new line character. This occurs in 'warned and proceeded' log events (the bug has been logged with Sophos).
  • The message displayed when accessing data for an invalid/dismissed alert is more useful.
  • The "Customize Productivity Settings" is now displayed on the Productivity Dashboard again (This regression was introduced in
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