Sophos Reporter Release Notes
   All Release Notes Sophos Reporter (2018-03-19)
  • Fixed "Error in Report Processor Process Thread: Invalid Unicode code point found at index 1. Parameter name: unicode" that may occur when running reports.
  • Sources page no longer displays 9999/1969 when no data has been received and instead shows "Waiting for data" for 20 seconds after adding a source. After 20 seconds, a message and link to the troubleshooting KB article is displayed.
  • Adjusted the data storage auto-recovery logic to avoid issues when threads are aborted.
  • Updated all UI error handlers to display the error message given by the backend API.
  • Double-quotes in error messages no longer cause Javascript errors.
  • The number of detected syslog gaps in each source is now limited to 1,440 entries or an age of 7 days (whichever comes first) to avoid performance issues during service start. Both values are customisable with the hidden settings`HistoricalGapsCutoffDays` and `HistoricalGapsMaxCount`. These settings can be changed in the Settings.xml file (in Fastvue Reporter's data location) while the service is not running.
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