Sophos Reporter Release Notes
   All Release Notes Sophos Reporter (2014-02-05)


  • Fixed gzip import issues that may result in gzip logs being reimported after service restarts.
  • Records per second counter in Settings | Sources is more accurate.
  • Installer allows for the service to close cleanly before updating the application.
  • Adding a source when a "Demo Mode" source exists no longer crashes the service.
  • Web Filter Log records with "id=0003" lines are no longer imported (Category updates, Sophos control messages etc)


  • Reworked the Web Protection dashboard to include Filter Profiles and viruses.
  • "Add Source"¬†UI and Start page no longer includes 'Import directly from Sophos UTM' option
  • "Edit Source" UI only displays 'Import directly from Sophos UTM' option if a source is already using that import method, or if "AllowAPIMode" is true (AllowAPIMode can be set with the following URL: http://sophosreportersite/ajax.ashx?f=Sophos.SetAllowAPIMode&enabled=true – replace with your actual site)
  • Demo mode now populates protocols correctly.
  • Fixed 'Blocked Categories' section in Overview and User Overview Reports.
  • Other minor report widget changes/fixes.
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