Sophos Reporter Release Notes
   All Release Notes Sophos Reporter (2020-06-10)
  • Changes to default Alerts:
    • Added Drug Searches alert.
    • Added Content Keyword Matches alert.
    • Added Policy Overrides alert.
    • Removed Site Resource criteria from existing Search Term alerts as this is now handled in the Search Term extraction.
    • Changed Downloads > 100 MB to Downloads > 1 GB and decreased its priority to Medium.
    • The Unproductive Browsing alert now triggers when over 1 hour of unproductive browsing occurs within four hours.

    Note: If upgrading, you will not see the new Alerts automatically. Please see our article on Updating Alerts to the latest version while keeping any custom alerts.

  • When configuring an alert, the Alert Evidence table is now populated with fake/example data when you select the Content Match, Content Prefix, Content Suffix, Override Authorizer, Override Name and Override Token fields.
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