Sophos Reporter Release Notes
   All Release Notes Sophos Reporter BETA (2015-02-11)
  • Added Firewall Server IP field. Allows filtering reports and alerts by the source UTM.
  • The Overview dashboard now shows Origin Domain (result of Fastvue Site Cleanin the Web Peak widget with the full URL available on hover.
  • Added User Agents to Overview Reports.
  • is no longer shown as the Origin Domain by the Fastvue Site Clean feature. This was being shown for file downloads scanned by Sophos UTM. 
  • All URLs categorized as "Web Ads" or "Parked Domains" are now treated as 'Junk URLs' by the Fastvue Site Clean engine.
  • Improved Origin Domain logic (result of Fastvue Site Clean)
  • Overhauled syslog gap handling logic. Fixes issues that potentially cause data duplication when filling gaps in syslog data using the UTM's remote log archive.
  • Added forced memory garbage collection at end of report processing.
  • Added a default alert to show "Content Filter Warned and Proceeded" sites. The installer will not overwrite any existing user settings, so this is only available on completely fresh installs. If you have not modified your existing alerts and want to receive this update: Stop the Fastvue Sophos Reporter service, delete the Alerts.xml file in Sophos Reporter's data location, and then install the latest Sophos Reporter build.
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