Sophos Reporter Release Notes
   All Release Notes Sophos Reporter RC (2015-03-21)
  • Edited the default 'User Warned And Proceeded' Alert. Note, installing the new build will not automatically overwrite your existing alerts configuration. To receive this updated alert, stop the Fastvue Sophos Reporter Service, delete the Alerts.xml files in the Sophos Reporter data location, and restart the service. 
  • Moved ajax.ashx underneath the _ directory. This means you do not have to provide access to the ajax.ashx file for private reports anymore. You can only need to provide access to the /p folder and the /_ folders.
  • Changed the URL endpoint for the API. The end point is now /_/api?f= instead of /ajax.ashx?f=. For example http://sophosreporter/_/api?f=Reports.GetReports
  • 'Greater than or equal to' operator now works for IP Addresses.
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