Sophos Reporter Release Notes
   All Release Notes Sophos Reporter BETA (2015-03-03)
  • Fixed JSON parse error that may occur when running reports.
  • The currently generating report no longer hijacks the UI with the spinning Fastvue logo pre-loader when trying to opening an existing report, or trying to generate a new one.
  • Activity Reports show real user from Active Directory instead of logged authenticated username when available. Otherwise Source IP is displayed.
  • Improved Installer trace log error handling. 
  • Updated Factory Domain Substitutes and Junk URLs
  • Renamed "Firewall Server" to "UTM Name" and "Firewall Server IP" to "UTM IP".
  • FileNotFoundException import errors now only add one notification if a file goes missing, rather than spamming notifications.
  • Changed the second series on the Top Users bandwidth dashboard widget to Origin Domain (result of Fastvue Site Clean)
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