Sophos Reporter Release Notes
   All Release Notes Sophos Reporter (2017-07-21)
  • Added new default alerts for Extremist Searches, Extremist Websites, Self Harm Searches, and Adult and Profanity Searches.
  • The Search Terms field now includes LinkedIn searches and any other site that uses the 'keywords' query parameter in the URL.
  • Data import now continues when your installed license key(s) have expired (reports and alerts will no longer function).
  • Fixed timestamp formatting in the Search Terms section of User Overview Reports.
  • Fixed issue where the Web UI may not display when accessed by a machine with unknown or invalid regional settings. 
  • Device Count in Settings | Licensing | User Statistics only counts source IP addresses that are considered internal or link-local by IANA (RFC 1918, 3927, 4193, 4291, 6890).
  • Fixed licensing / registration issues.
  • Data produced when running in demo mode now illustrates the site clean feature.
  • Dashboard buttons now highlight when going directly to a dashboard page via a # link (e.g. /dashboard.aspx#productivity)
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