Sophos Reporter Release Notes
   All Release Notes Sophos Reporter Beta (2018-11-16)
  • Added support for Sophos XG's Application Log.
  • Rule field is now populated by looking up the meaning of the message ID in the Sophos log documentation.
  • Added Syslog over TCP support
  • Improved performance of report widget generation.
  • The appropriate sidebar item in Overview Reports now highlights properly when Report Drawer and Report Options are shown at the top of the page.
  • Added error handling to legacy data migration.
  • Improved filtering on aliased values such as Productivity and Departments.
  • Re-added Data Path setting to Settings | Data Storage page.
  • Removed version number from default Program Files paths in installers.
  • Added verbose logging for report widget generation timing.
  • User/Device statistics calculators no longer fail to read a file when duplicate names are present.
  • Diagnostic log archival now zips to a temporary file ({logname}.zip.temp) before moving to the final archive name ({logname}.zip) after the zip operation has completed.
  • Elasticsearch interface now only queries indexes related to the query by date filter (or if no date filter, queries all indexes).
  • Queries will now be retried if they fail due to '429 Too Many Requests' error.
  • Elasticsearch stats API call now has a timeout of 2s instead of 500ms.
  • Per-date statistics (record count and disk size) are now cached separately to database interface to allow for Elastic to lazy-load its index statistics without causing the appearance of missing or slowly loading data in Settings | Data Storage.
  • Elasticsearch interface no longer fails when connecting to an Elastic instance with indexes that do not follow the expected naming convention.

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