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   All Release Notes Reporter for SonicWall (2023-07-14)

Improved SonicWall Integration
  • Applications: Added experimental support for Applications. New fields include Application, Application ID, Application Category, Application Risk, Application Signature. New widgets for Applications exist on the Bandwidth Dashboard, Firewall Dashboard, and in both Internet Usage and IT Network and Security reports.
  • Blocked Countries: The Country from GeoIP block events are now imported into the Country field. Added a new Blocked Countries widget to the IT Network and Security report.
  • New Productivity Dashboard: Replaced the Productivity dashboard with a new improved version.
  • Fixed issue where log data will stop importing if the IP sending the syslog data changes. When adding syslog sources by a hostname / FQDN, Fastvue Reporter will now re-resolve the Source‚Äôs hostname to an IP when they detect they are no longer receiving syslog data from the IP the hostname last resolved to. The hostname to IP resolution previously only occurred when a Source is added, or when the Fastvue Reporter service is started.
  • Fixed issue where users logged with their UPN instead of their sAMAccountName would not be aliased to a user object in Active Directory. This meant they would not be displayed with their Display Name, or included in reports on AD Security Groups or Departments, Offices, or Companies)
  • Fixed issue where users with the same sAMAccountName from different domains would be aliased to the same user.
  • Top downloads widget on the Bandwidth dashboard now handles long URLs by truncating to one line, with the rest of the URL shown in a hover-over ellipsis.
Performance Improvements:
  • Further optimized the data import pipeline.
  • Reduced the performance impact of source host resolution by increasing the TTL for cached entries and reducing resolution attempts for failed resolutions.
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