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   All Release Notes Reporter for SonicWALL Beta (2016-03-23)
  • Added support for extra fields from SonicOS 5.9 with Enhanced Syslog enabled:
    • Source Zone
    • Destination Zone
    • Source Hardware Address
    • Destination Hardware Address
    • Total Packets
    • Received Packets
    • Sent Packets
  • Added support for IPv6 addresses in srcV6/dstV6 fields.
  • Defaulted Interface, Zone and Hardware Address to "Unspecified" if field not present in log line.
  • Now imports sn field to Firewall Name and fw to Firewall IP.
  • Now supports UTC timestamps.
  • Added Zones widget to Overview reports.
  • Added Total Packets to Connections widgets in Overview reports.
  • Replaced Usage by Priority with Firewall Messages on Dashboard.
  • Usage by Service widgets in Dashboard and Overview reports now include web data.
  • Test email function now correctly uses the 'From' address as specified in your Email Settings.
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