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   All Release Notes Reporter for SonicWall (2022-12-14)
  • Activity Reports filtered by Keyword Groups now contain relevant columns in the report output. For example, filtering by Search Terms ‘In Keyword Group’ Self-harm, returns a column showing the matching Search Terms.
  • Improved search term extraction for a range of websites.
  • The SonicWall data loader has been updated so that the username field now ignores any user values that start with “unknown”, treating them as blank. Invalid values in the “dstname” field are also no longer imported.
  • Fixed an issue that can prevent reports from generating if an extracted Search Term is a DateTime value.
  • Saving an invalid YouTube API key is now prevented.
  • Fixed an issue sorting alerts as per their order in the underlying Alerts.xml configuration file. Factory defined alerts are still grouped together at the bottom of the alerts list with custom alerts above.
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