Reporter for SonicWall Release Notes
   All Release Notes Reporter for SonicWall (2017-05-19)
  • Source Hosts are now imported from the src= field if present. SonicWall will log Source Hosts if you have configured the options in Log | Name Resolution on your SonicWall device. If no Source Host is found, Fastvue Reporter will attempt to resolve the Source IP itself.
  • Fixed log parsing issues when logging the 'note' field with Syslog Enhanced log format.
  • Fixed issues with alerts that use Browsing Time or Session Time in their criteria from incorrectly triggering.
  • The detection of 'No syslog data received' now occurs per source. Syslog traffic from multiple IPs would prevent the detection of interruption unless all┬ádevices stopped sending syslog traffic at the same time.
  • Email alerts can now be sent when an interruption in syslog traffic is detected. This email is disabled by default and can be enabled by hitting this URL: http://your_fastvue_url/_/api?f=Settings.General.SetAlertNoSyslogTraffic&enabled=true (replace your_fastvue_url with your actual Fastvue Reporter URL). Emails will be sent to the 'System Notifications' email address specified in Settings | Email
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