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   All Release Notes Reporter for SonicWALL (2016-09-24)
  • Alert criteria matching is now case insensitive.
  • Added 'Search Engines and Portals' to the list of filters in the 'Search Terms' widget in User Overview Reports
  • Changed the category "Extremism and Radicalisation" to "Radicalization and Extremism".
  • Removed Blank Origin domains that may display in 'Sites by size' sections of the Overview Reports
  • Origin Domain is now calculated for any record type where DestinationHost is not blank.
  • The Overview Dashboard | Productivity widgets now shows uncategorised traffic as 'Unassigned', fixing an issue where a blank report was produced when clicking the 'Uncategorized' pie slice.
  • All Productivity Sections in Overview Reports are now sorted by Browsing Time
  • LDAP import no longer aborts entire import if unable to search any single node in the tree.
  • Unsearchable LDAP nodes are reported in the LDAP import synopsis in Settings | Directory / LDAP.
  • Fixed "System.String[]" appearing in the Category column for Alert CSV exports.
  • Updated Domain Substitutes and Junk URLs
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