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   All Release Notes Reporter for SonicWall (2018-02-07)
  • Added Filename and Filename Extension fields to the list of fields you can filter reports and alerts by. You can also add these fields as columns in Alert evidence tables. Filename includes contains values such as myimage.jpg and myapplication.exe, and Filename Extension includes values such as jpg and exe.
  • If SonicWall logs "Unknown" as the username, Source Host (if available) or Source IP will be shown as the User.
  • Changed the casing on all instances of SonicWALL to SonicWall, as per SonicWall's updated branding.
  • Settings | Licensing | User Statistics no longer double-counts users with when they're logged as both 'username' and 'domainusername'
  • Updated Self Harm Searches Alert Keywords (fresh installs only).
  • Improved Fastvue Reporter's DNS resolution for when a Username or Source Host is not logged.
  • LDAP import now imports a user's First/Last Name if their Display Name attribute in Active Directory is blank.
  • Added more diagnostic logging to LDAP security group import to help troubleshoot errors.
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