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   All Release Notes Reporter for SonicWall (2017-04-13)
  • Fastvue Reporter now imports Referrer (when present) from the "note" field (implemented in SonicOS, and utilizes the Referrer in the 'Site Clean' algorithm to better identify actual sites visited. For more information see:
  • Added 'Referrer' fields to list of filter options
  • If the URL scheme (http://, https://, ftp://) is not present in a URL, Fastvue Reporter will create it based on numeric protocols (21->ftp, 80->http, 443->https), otherwise it defaults to 'http'. Fixes issues where blank Domains appeared in reports, where the URL had no scheme and used a non-standard port (e.g.
  • Report Filter and Schedule buttons now have full labels instead of just an icon.
  • Chart tooltip no longer gets clipped when positioned at the bottom of a chart.
  • Reduced noise and increased performance in the 'Event Message' field by stripping out InitCookie and ISAKMP OAK details.
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