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   All Release Notes Reporter for SonicWall (2020-04-14)
  • Fixed issue where a CSV report is always attached when a report is shared via email or scheduled on the Reports tab with all attachment formats unchecked.
  • VPN section of the IT and Network Security report now has a VPN Users widget that has both VPN Users (by size) and VPN users (Alphabetically) widgets.
  • VPN Users by Size section no longer shows activity that is not related to VPN connections.
  • Connected and Disconnected times are no longer incorrect when the exporting VPN Sessions to PDF or CSV
  • Improved the detection of VPN start and end events when loading SonicWall Firewall and SonicWall SMA log files.
  • Improved the logic that determines unique VPN sessions
  • Log import now compensates for SonicWall’s Filename logging event having incorrect size values, by setting the size to 0 for these events (log event 1574 under Firewall | Application Control | Filename logging)
  • VPN Sessions widget in Reports now shows up to 1000 connections
  • VPN Users By Size widget in Reports now shows up to 100 Users
  • Failed VPN Logins widget in Reports now shows up to 100 login attempts
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