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   All Release Notes Reporter for SonicWall (2019-10-28)
  • Fixed a major issue where data exceeding the retention policy was not removed if was older than 32 days.
  • Added 'SonicWalls' and 'Users' widgets to the Network section in IT / Network Security and All Usage Reports.
  • Improved Search Terms field to remove values that are not actual searches.
  • Fixed issues preventing the ability to cancel in-progress Overview Reports.
  • Activity Reports now limit the individual URLs returned within each browsing session's inner table to 2000 rows, improving performance and general readability.
  • Added APIs for retrieving Elasticsearch index details (Database.ElasticIndexInfo) and requesting a reindex (Database.ElasticReindex(index)) in the case that its field mapping becomes invalid.
  • Improved diagnostic logging. Added metrics for System CPU, System RAM, and System Disk to show system-wide resource utilisation.
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