Vantage Ultimate Release Notes
   All Release Notes Vantage Ultimate (2018-04-04)

Vantage Application:

ADDED: Web Module Permissions can now be organized into 'Roles'. There are some default Roles such as Administrator, Basic Reporting, Advanced Reporting, and Anonymous Reporting.
ADDED: Generating Reports has a new option to either retain or remove the report at the default location when copying to a new location.
IMPROVED: Event Server dialog displays lists of found computers faster.
IMPROVED: Event log dialog displays lists of found logs faster.
IMPROVED: Computer Browse dialog displays lists of found computers faster.
IMPROVED: Event Server dialog default search is just for Servers.
IMPROVED: Event Server dialog now has two more search options (Servers only and Workstations only)
IMPROVED: Computer browse dialog search no longer looks for workstations.
IMPROVED: Watchguard templates now have descriptions.
FIXED: Import Organization task no longer shows 'Not configured' when it is configured.
FIXED: Thread safety issue in Event Server dialog
FIXED: Thread safety issue in Computer Browse dialog


IMPROVED: Citrix Netscaler log support.
FIXED: Event IDs, Instance IDs, Event Levels are now displayed under the correct Summaries when analyzing Event logs.


How to upgrade

Upgrading Vantage 2.2 to 3.0
If you have version 2.2 of WebSpy Vantage and/or the Web Module installed, you need to download and run the latest installer. It is easy to migrate your settings to the new version 3.0 by following the steps on the Upgrading Existing Installations tab on our Getting Started Page.

Updating Vantage 3.0 to the latest 3.0 build
If you are already running WebSpy Vantage 3.0, select Tools | Check for updates. To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

If you have any issues, you can download the latest Vantage 3.0 installer from the WebSpy Vantage download page, and simply run the new installers (for both Vantage and the Web Module) over the top of your existing installations. The installer will pick up your existing settings, so just click next throughout the wizard without making any changes.

Download Latest Update