Vantage Ultimate Release Notes
   All Release Notes Vantage Ultimate (2016-09-05)

Release Date: 5th September 2016

FIXED: MHT Reports now open correctly in Internet Explorer 11 (KB3175443) and above. To fix existing MHT Reports, please see our support article: MHT Reports not displaying in IE 11 and above
FIXED: "Storage is locked" error that may occur when publishing storages to the web module.
FIXED: Fixed issue where the Last Run and Next Run times were now shown correctly in Tasks.
FIXED: Tasks no longer re-sort when running tasks manually.

FIXED: Blocked registrations could result in the Vantage application locking.
FIXED: Group managers will now correctly see their group's reports when they are published with the permission '"Allow Managers of each group access to their group's report" in the Web Module.
FIXED: All schemas within a storage are provided with a default 'Date' partition which is required for the 'Purge Data from Storage' task action.

ADDED: Sophos UTM Reverse proxy log support.
ADDED: Palo Alto new log version support.
ADDED: Checkpoint log support for newer logs.
ADDED: Wingate log support for w3c logs.

IMPROVED: Citrix Netscaler log support.
IMPROVED: Bluecoat log support.
IMPROVED: Improved low disk space safeguards to prevent storage corruption issues.
IMPROVED: Barracuda Web Filter log support.
IMPROVED: IIS log support (Original IP fields supported).
IMPROVED: SonicWALL log support.
IMPROVED: Juniper log support.
IMPROVED: Added safeguards when importing zip files to ensure faster log import.
IMPROVED: Safeguard to prevent the use of "Usernames" as a grouping level when importing your organization.
IMPROVED: Added extra tracing to debug index errors that may occur when hovering over items and running a 'Further Analysis' in the Web Module.

How to upgrade
To upgrade to the latest build, select Tools | Check for updates in WebSpy Vantage.  To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

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