Vantage Ultimate Release Notes
   All Release Notes Vantage Ultimate (2015-04-23)

Release Date: 23rd April 2015

Notable Changes Since

Vantage Application New Features:
PDF Support
Publish reports to PDF directly from Vantage, or download a PDF version of a report from the Web Module.

Further Analysis 
Hover over items in the Web Module to run a 'further analysis' on them. *Requires a matching storage to be published to the web module

Template Analysis 
Run your own reports in the Web Module by selecting date range and a Report Template. *Requires storages to be published to the Web Module.

Customize/Change Group Managers
Choose which managers are responsible for each group in the Organization tab, without relying on the manager attribute in AD.

Vantage Application Major Improvements
ADDED: Option to publish a matching storage when publishing reports to the Web Module. 
ADDED: Test profiles function (enter a site or keyword and find the profile it will match to)
ADDED: URL Extraction supports 135 new Top Level Domains 
ADDED: Horizontal Chart option in reports
ADDED: "CombineArray" filter function.
ADDED: SQL Command importing Timeout setting.
ADDED: Storages will not be created if there is low HD space.
IMPROVED: Always remember Web Module login password
IMPROVED: Web Module Permission selection dialog
IMPROVED: Registration process
IMPROVED: LDAP importing
IMPROVED: Storage now a forced default date partitioning
IMPROVED: Deleting of root node inputs
IMPROVED: Report emailing validation
IMPROVED: Applying an alias to a summary view
FIXED: Wildcards now supported in custom column definitions in report templates.
FIXED: Task file creation error
FIXED: Multiple recipient email issue
FIXED: IPv6/ipv4 display
FIXED: LDIF Importing of the DN attribute via additional attributes.

Vantage Application Other Changes:
ADDED: User limit licensing information added to about dialog and Web Module connection information
ADDED: Alias values are now sortable
ADDED: Field selection page in Import Wizard now has an option to reset the selection to default
ADDED: Date range displayed in storage properties
ADDED: Option to open the task history log on the Tasks tab.
ADDED: Right-click Delete Storage option
IMPROVED: Registration Licensing display
IMPROVED: Default loader group selection
IMPROVED: Trace logging
IMPROVED: Template dialog sort order
IMPROVED: Template analysis filtering
IMPROVED: Ldif file mask(supports both ldf and ldif).
IMPROVED: Right-click | Add to alias
IMPROVED: Organizational import now trims and combines groups with spaces
IMPROVED: Organization manager importing
IMPROVED: Input issues Review button renamed to "Create issue log"
IMPROVED: Enforce alias creation after Organization import
FIXED: Web Module Permissions dialog selection issue.
FIXED: Template summary analysis aliasing
FIXED: MIN datetime columns now collate correctly in collated reports (e.g. Start Date).
FIXED: Hide/Show inactive inputs
FIXED: Test Web Module Permissions UI
FIXED: Import Settings doesn't update alias relationship list.
FIXED: Issue with Collated Trend Reports
FIXED: Alias UI issue resulting in a big red X when too many characters are displayed.
FIXED: UI refresh when storage repair is run
FIXED: Tab order when adding a CIDR value in the  subnet alias dialog
FIXED: Issue preventing task actions that included storage selection from being added to a task
FIXED: Dividebykey error
FIXED: Edit Subnet alias blank dialog
FIXED: Copy/Paste into subnet alias
FIXED: Incorrect Publish report names
FIXED: Temp file/folder deletion in MHT report close.

Loader Improvements:
IMPROVED: Barracuda log support,
IMPROVED: Citrix netscaler log support
IMPROVED: Checkpoint log support
IMPROVED: Clearswift log support
IMPROVED: ContentKeeper log support
IMPROVED: Event log support
IMPROVED: Fortinet log support
IMPROVED: Ironport log support
IMPROVED: McAfee logs support
IMPROVED: MS FTMG log support
IMPROVED: Palo Alto log support
IMPROVED: Pound log support
IMPROVED: Tomcat log support
IMPROVED: Trend log support
IMPROVED: Smoothwall guardian log support
IMPROVED: Sonicwall log support
IMPROVED: Sophos UTM log support
IMPROVED: Squid proxy log support
IMPROVED: SuperLumin log support
IMPROVED: Watchguard log support

Web Module New Features:
NEW: PDF report download option. (PDF support)
NEW: Template Analysis
NEW: Further Analysis on Open Reports
NEW: Further Analysis on Dynamic Reports
NEW: Horizontal Chart option

Web Module Major Improvements:
IMPROVED: Scrollable sidebar in Reports and Analyses
IMPROVED: Analysis view layout
IMPROVED: Dynamic Reports layout

Web Module Other Changes:
UPDATED: User limit licensing information is now displayed in registration information.
UPDATED: Confirmation dialog stylings
UPDATED: CHM help file 
ADDED: Logging options
ADDED: Style Sheet page to allow for altered style sheets.
ADDED: GO button on dynamic reports
ADDED: Upload/Sync of templates
ADDED: Show X records option added to Reports and Dynamic Reports tab.
IMPROVED: Registration Error message now shows manual registration information, and a link to check Proxy Options.
IMPROVED: Registration Expiry message now shows links to the register page and to the contact sales web page.
IMPROVED: Default sort order of storages and analysis tables
IMPROVED: Storage and analysis tables now have a date and time field.
IMPROVED: Table performance
IMPROVED: Diagnostic log purging options
FIXED: Storage Deletion
FIXED: Ajax error
FIXED: MIN datetime columns now collate correctly in Dynamic Reports (e.g. Start Date).
FIXED: Dynamic Reports now support Trend reports
FIXED: WebModule App Pool no longer defaults to .NET 4.0 when installed on Windows 8 or above.
FIXED: Admin log in issue
FIXED: IP sorting
FIXED: IPv6 display

How to upgrade

To upgrade to the latest build, select Tools | Check for updates in WebSpy Vantage.  To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

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