Vantage Ultimate Release Notes
   All Release Notes Vantage Ultimate (2013-09-18)

Release Date: 18th September 2013


Notable Changes Since

Application Changes:
– Added search functionaility to Organization list
– New UI for adding Subnet Aliases
– Horizonal Chart Option in Reports
– Troubleshoot 'Selected' alias
– Import/Export Settings
– New Registration Dialog

New Log Formats
– WebSense Syslog (Use the syslog/key-value pairs (Splunk and others) format)
– Sophos UTM 9 syslog
– Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway
– Netgear UTM – traffic schema support
– MDaemon v11 support
– Fortinet Fortigate 110c support
– Tomcat SpyLog

Other Improvements

ADDED: A Troubleshoot "this/selected" alias.
ADDED: Right click menu Troubleshoot alias/es
ADDED: A test email settings button in email options
ADDED: "Display Known" in filters run in a background thread
ADDED: News feed runs in a background thread
ADDED: Paste button to Profiles include & exclude lists
ADDED: Paste button to Add Value Filter dialog
ADDED: Default aliases updated with FTMG aliases (on fresh installs)
-ALTERED: Performance and speed improvements to Troubleshoot alias/es
ALTERED: News feed url, article limit, and rss version
ALTERED: Report Templates now have a default Top X sort set to 50/100 for web-addresses
ALTERED: "Having" has a size combo box displayed on selection of bytesize columns
ALTERED: "Top X" is now set to 50 by default
ALTERED: Computer Browse Dialog performance improvements
ALTERED: Resolve IP workflow
ALTERED: Default selections
ALTERED: Limited thread UI to a maximum of 8
ALTERED: Unassigned list UI
ALTERED: Publish Report task storage auto trims spaces
ALTERED: Summary Dock; Aliases now refresh on current view
ALTERED: Obscure column aggregates not automatically added to summaries view or report template nodes
ALTERED: WM server name is prompted to change to computer name when using 'localhost'
FIXED: LDAP Bind not bound error
FIXED: Can now no longer add a duplicate alias
FIXED: Date Filter UI
FIXED: Profiles right click menu options availablity (Disable add/paste if profile is not selected)

Log Format Details:
-Added support for more log formats.
-Added category extraction from non-category field (if category field not found).
-WSA format has had the extra aggregates defaulted to off (effects templates node columns not the imported data).
-Fixed a duplicate field display name bug.

Microsoft Forefront TMG:
-Improved auto detect for new logs.
-Added Summary icons.
-Fixed a timespan overflow issue in the firewall logs.

-Added support for Websense Syslog (Key Value Pairs / Splunk format available via SIEM Integration options)

Other changes
-SQL Importing optimizations
-CSM loader optimizations
-Squid loader optimizations
-Netasq size is now a total of bytes sent and received
-Sonicwall firewall & Web schema to have a user fallback summary (populates with Source IP Address if Username is not logged)
-Improved Custom Loader date time support.
-Increased support for Juniper Logs

How to upgrade

To upgrade to the latest build, select Tools | Check for updates in WebSpy Vantage.  To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

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