Vantage Ultimate Release Notes
   All Release Notes Vantage Ultimate (2013-05-14)

Release Date: 14th May 2013

Changes since

Log Formats:
IronPort: Improved detection
IronPort: WSA Schema expanded to cope with WSA W3C logs
Microsoft FTMG: Fixed Native log import issue
Netbox Blue: Added web proxy txt logs support
Postfix: Fixed support for French region settings
Sophos: Added Filesize field to Web Security Appliance loader
Sophos: Improved by making the Size field the total of bytes in and out
Windows Event Logs Syslog NG: Fixed sysuptime field to have the attribute of message

Fixed: View footer code to set maxvalue timespan if it is too large

Aliases / Organization:
Added: Extra Error checking in aliases csv importing 
Added: Extra Error checking in schema list retrieval
Added: Extra Error checking in Subnet aliases verification 
Added: Extra trace logging into MS LDAP
Fixed: LDAP test connection button repaired for MS LDAP
Fixed: Site extensions

Improved: Resolve IPs

Added: A select all button to the Tasks (recursive area)
Added: Synopsis update for if an email doesn't send or if a report doesn't publish 
Fixed: Email exception for SMTPUsername; 

Web Module:
Updated DLLs 
Fixed: Syncing of Aliases + Profiles in filters  
Fixed: Date range sorting exception
Fixed: Vantage now syncs its size setting with Web Module 

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