Vantage Ultimate Release Notes
   All Release Notes Vantage Ultimate (2014-03-24)

Release Date: 24th March 2014

Notable Changes Since

Vantage Application New Features:
-ADDED: Organizational Group Managers.
-ADDED: New Organization Department/Grouping import.
-ADDED: Auto save settings.
-ADDED: Failed Web Module published reports are now stored for later publishing.
-ADDED: IPs are now searchable on summaries
-ADDED: Search functionality to organization browse dialog
-ADDED: Support for date aliasing.
-ADDED: Boolean field support.
-UPDATED: Task Scheduler support dll
-UPDATED: Zip support dll
-UPDATED: Deleted inputs remain in the input list with a strikeout. (Prevents issues when importing new hits/inputs.)

Vantage Application Major Improvements
-IMPROVED: File/Storage Corruption protection
-IMPROVED: UTF8 Password En/decrypt
-IMPROVED: Reporting performance and memory usage.  
-IMPROVED: Import performance and memory usage.
-IMPROVED: Unassigned Alias list performance and operation.
-IMPROVED: Performance on obsolete Storage fields.

Vantage Application Other Changes:
-ADDED: Save Settings option in TOOLS menu
-ADDED: Save this task/alias/profile
-ADDED: Minor Report Templates UI alterations.
-ADDED: Double click to template root node to open template properties.
-ADDED: Confirm password dialog to permissions.
-ADDED: Chart order changes when you change the aggregate order (template nodes).
-ADDED: version to trace log & settings
-IMPROVED: Zip progress bar while importing.
-IMPROVED: Memory performance when importing zips
-IMPROVED: Chart labels in horizontal and vertical bar charts.
-IMPROVED: Trace logging, Error reporting, & Safety Checks in Tasks.
-IMPROVED: SQL Import stopping.
-IMPROVED: SQL password security.
-IMPROVED: SQL import dispose method. (memory/performance).
-IMPROVED: Input File size gathering (memory/performance).
-IMPROVED: Storage UI thread safe guards
-IMPROVED: Get Latest no longer disables on deletion of input.  
-IMPROVED: W3C Header lines now reported in islogs.
-FIXED: Import of settings zip.
-FIXED: WM publishing group selection
-FIXED: Pie chart selection issue.
-FIXED: Template node dialog chart index error.  
-FIXED: Create Storage task no longer overrides existing storage inputs
-FIXED: Web Module connection logic improved.
-FIXED: Ungrouped users are groupable again.
-FIXED: Analysis reports stop faster.
-FIXED: zip Stream disposing
-FIXED: Input settings editing.
-FIXED: UI Glitch on import of settings
-FIXED: Web Module logon password en/decryption
-FIXED: User node template bug  
-FIXED: Task Indexing error
-FIXED: Public Report Template selection
-FIXED: Organizational Search
-FIXED: Updating error
-FIXED: SQL Authentication settings
-FIXED: SQL Dispose in background threads.
-FIXED: Input dialog error message now prevent the closing of the dialog.
-FIXED: WM report publish task storage disappearing
-FIXED: WM report publishing task action text updated to reflect multiple storages.
-FIXED: Inputs/Files that do not exists are now disabled
-FIXED: Application hang on forced application close during running task.

Loader Changes:
-ADDED: new Clearswift web log support.
-ADDED: new Bluecoat log support
-ADDED: new Foritnet log support
-ADDED: Sophos 9.2 Beta log support
-ADDED: Netgear SRX5308 log support
-ADDED: BSD – Packet Filter loader
-IMPROVED: IRONPORT log support & memory usage.
-IMPROVED: ISA 2006 Web And Firewall support
-IMPROVED: Cisco Memory usage.
-IMPROVED: Bluecoat & Bluecoat W3C log Support
-IMPROVED: Watchguard XTM loader
-IMPROVED: Symantec cloud support.
-IMPROVED: Smoothwall Guardian 3 log support
-IMPROVED: Fortinet loaders
-IMPROVED: Clearswift Secure Email log support
-IMPROVED: Superlumin.
-IMPROVED: Postfix log support
-IMPROVED: W3C base to report header lines as info issues
-FIXED: Palo Alto Resume importing
-FIXED: Research Machines loader

Web Module Changes:
-ADDED: Proxy settings now refresh on selection.
-ADDED: Option to turn off check for updates.
-FIXED: Storage deletion issue.
-FIXED: Download report bug.

How to upgrade

To upgrade to the latest build, select Tools | Check for updates in WebSpy Vantage.  To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

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