Vantage Ultimate Release Notes
   All Release Notes Vantage Ultimate (2012-12-20)

Release Date: 20 December 2012

Changes since


Apache: Added IBM support
Astaro: Added support for Security Gateway 8.2 and 8.3
Barracuda: Fixed date / time import problem
Barracuda: Added Barracuda 410 support
Bloxx: Added W3C loader
Cisco: Added 3 new schemas
Citrix: Added Netscaler support
Clearswift: Improved Sendmail support
Clearswift: Added Email Appliance support
ContentKeeper: Fix SaaS issues
Draytek: Added new loader
Finjan: Added NG 5000 S1 loader
Finjan: Added Finger loader
Fortinet: Added Fortigate 200B appliance support
Fortinet: Fix web hit data size fields
Guardian: Added Smoothwall 3 support
Infoblox: Added support for DNS logs
Interguard: Added Sonar Web support
iPrism: Added iPrism 7 support
Ironport: Added s370 support
Ironport: Added Bounced Email support
Ironport: Added Sendmail support
Juniper: Added WELF support
McAfee: Added Web Gateway support
Microsoft FTMG: Fix to FTMG SQL importing
Microsoft Radius: Added 2 new fields
Microsoft Radius: Fixed Timespan Overflow issues
Netscreen: Added UTM support
OSC Radiator: Added Radius Server support
Palo Alto: Improvements for Threat and Traffic logs
Postfix: Added support
Sonicwall: General improvements and fixes
Stonegate: Fixed import issues
Superlumin: Added support
Trend: Added support for new field in IWSS
Trend: Improved support for IWSVA
Webmarshal: Added support
Websense: Added support for cloud logs
Webtitan: Added support
Windows Event: Added Syslog-ng loader
Zyxel: Added USG 200 and USG 300 loader
Resolved bug with Vantage changing User Login settings for database connections
Summaries / Reports:
Added more summary icons
Fix: Fixed Site Domain Summary for .eu sites 
Fix: Fixed URL paths containing spaces 

Aliases / Organization:
LDAP secure port added
Add: Added a quick query list of 4 LDAP queries
Add: Added number of imported LDAP users to synopsis and to email output
Fix: LDAP size limitation issue repaired 
Fix: Fixed connection to Novell eDirectory Server 
Inputs no longer disable when running a purge task 
Fix: Resolve IP task now allows for selection of storage / schemas of a yet to be create storage 
Fix: Fixed UI bug in Tasks window
Fix: Clearing Tasks in Vantage now clears tasks from Windows Task Scheduler
Improved: Sort order improved 
Improved: Reports workflow improved
Improved: Non windows scheduled tasks now have a different icon 
Improved: Tasks now ordered by next to run 

Web Module:
Web Module tab permission features (multiple selection, removal of non existing entities, and shorter selection list)
Fix: Fixed publish storage issue related to null filters 
Fix: Web Module Permissions, now allows managers access to subordinates reports from other departments 
Fix: Web Module Reports now display units of Size as specified by Vantage 
Fix: Fixed case sensitive issue in template analysis/reports
Fix: Fixed crash related to selecting a date range

Added support for Windows 8 & Windows Server 2012
Add: Added 3 missing icons to main menu 
Improved: Set units of size to Auto instead of Bytes 

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