Vantage Ultimate Release Notes
   All Release Notes Vantage Ultimate (2016-06-09)

Release Date: 9th June 2016

Vantage Application:
ADDED: iBoss log support.
ADDED: untangled log support
ADDED: Sophos 9.4 log support.
ADDED: Sophos XG log support.
ADDED: Cisco ASA with FirePOWER log support

IMPROVED: Sonicwall log support
IMPROVED: Palo Alto log support
IMPROVED: Sophos UTM log support
IMPROVED: McAfee log support
IMPROVED: Juniper log support
IMPROVED: Barracuda NG log support
IMPROVED: Fortinet log support
IMPROVED: Juniper log support
IMPROVED: Cisco ASA log support
IMPROVED: Ironport log support
IMPROVED: Netasq log support
IMPROVED: ContentKeeper log support

FIXED: Microsoft Forefront TMG log support (protection against max integer values that may occur in size fields)
FIXED: Microsoft ISA log support (protection against max integer values that may occur in size fields)
FIXED: Palo Alto traffic schema memory management
FIXED: Fixed size calculations in Fortinet logs.
FIXED: Hide inputs now hides disabled and deleted logs regardless of whether they contain issues.
FIXED: Input logs are no longer disabled on connection failure.
FIXED: Fixed socket exhaustion errors when connecting/uploading to the Web Module.
FIXED: Task synopsis messages now display the full time stamp when each action started and finished.
FIXED: Added scrolling to the list of pending tasks and in progress tasks.
FIXED: FTP dialog validation
FIXED: SQL dialog validation
FIXED: SQL connections using specified port
FIXED: Issues where log inputs would not update after editing them.
FIXED: Zip support
FIXED: Added safe guards around analyzing data on import to fix issues that may preventing log import.
FIXED: Report generation errors to do with image creation.
FIXED: "Input string not in correct format" error when creating HTML reports. 
FIXED: Issues generating PDF Reports.
FIXED: Organization Group Members display now shows all members.
FIXED: Organization Manager Subordinates now shows all subordinates.
FIXED: Organization Group Managers were overwritten regardless of merging options.
FIXED: Case sensitive storage location lookup.

Web Module:
FIXED: When generating a Further Analysis and the storage is missing, an appropriate message is now displayed.
FIXED: When generating a Further Analysis, a blank dialog is displayed in some browsers.
FIXED: A bug where Further Analysis would display 0 results due to an incorrectly formed filter.
FIXED: Further Analysis zero length error.

How to upgrade
To upgrade to the latest build, select Tools | Check for updates in WebSpy Vantage.  To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

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