Vantage Ultimate Release Notes
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Release Date: 18th November 2015

Notable Changes Since

Manager Reports

Vantage Ultimate features a number of changes to make publishing reports for managers in your organization much easier. You can now manually assign managers to each group on the Organization tab (originally introduced in, publish reports for each manager (rather than for each group), and the modified 'publish to web module' wizards make it easier to understand what reports or storages will be published and who will have permission.

Here's a video describing how to use the features in more detail:

Full Change List

Vantage Application:
ADDED: Manager Subordinate reporting for Web Module publishing. This allows you to select a manager from your Organizational structure and generate a report based on their subordinates (either their immediate subordinates or all subordinates under them in the organization tree).
ADDED: New Split & Permit page replaces the Separate and Permission pages when publishing reports and storages to the Web Module.
ADDED: A new All Users view has been added to the Organization screen. Previously there was only the option to view by Group or by Hierarchy.
ADDED: You can now Duplicate, Copy and Paste Task Actions. This is a huge time saver if you need to produce many 'Publish Report' task actions and only change a specific setting, such as a Department filter.
ADDED: Organization option: "Find Missing assigned managers" which exports all missing managers to a text file (if there are any).
ADDED: Web Module permission to turn on/off schema and/or template analysis
ADDED: You can now publish a Storage to the Web Module via the Storages tab in Vantage.
ADDED: You can now publish a Report to the Web module via the Reports tab in Vantage.
ADDED: When a Storage input is edited, the user is now notified if a reload is required.
ADDED: Manual filter expression function "GetAliasCount" has been added to allow you to generate the number of alias groups in a given alias. eg. GetAliasCount("Usernames") returns the number of alias groups in the Usernames alias.

IMPROVED: Input dialog validations and minor user interface alterations.
IMPROVED: Updated the Organization CSV import to use the task action wizard UI.
IMPROVED: Handling of missing managers on the Organization tab (users that have managers defined, but those managers don't exist in the Organization tree)
IMPROVED: Scheduled Tasks Queuing
IMPROVED: Made adjustments to avoid the loss of registration state information.

FIXED: String to IP casting error when applying aliases.
FIXED: Websites with a trailing '.' (e.g. are now supported correctly.
FIXED: Fixed issue preventing reports to be published when they referenced a storage with the ?d prefix.
FIXED: Removal of duplicated storage names in tasks selection.
FIXED: PDF cover image alignment
FIXED: Fixed Browse URL from Summaries tab exception
FIXED: Fixed issues around the HD size check
FIXED: Fixed exception that may occur when publishing 'Group' reports or storages to the Web Module.
FIXED: Error: The process cannot access the file "<default storage location>" <storage normalized file>.0.variable because it is being used by another process.
FIXED: Email Trace.log status checking

ADDED: "Origin Domain" to Barracuda Web Schema, ContentKeeper, and McAfee.
ADDED: New Sonicwall log support
ADDED: IPSwitch WS ftp xml log support
IMPROVED: MS FTMG Firewall Connection Time '-' data and overflow issues.
IMPROVED: ContentKeeper support (Referrer field support added, and more defaults)
IMPROVED: Barracuda date time support.
IMPROVED: IronPort full name log support.
IMPROVED: McAfee log support (more fields).
IMPROVED: Windows Event log importing and safe guards.
IMPROVED: Sophos UTM schema names
IMPROVED: Sophos WSA invalid sites
IMPROVED: Palo Alto log support & schema names
IMPROVED: Clearswift log support
IMPROVED: Netscaler date parser
IMPROVED: Bluecoat referer importing
IMPROVED: Web Marshal log support.
FIXED: ISA 2006 W3C Hashtable error.

Web Module:
ADDED: "Default app pool" to the Web Module's data folder permissions list to help avoid permission issues.
ADDED: A Permissions column to the report view so you can see who has access to each report.
IMPROVED: Dynamic Reports now have data table paging controls.
IMPROVED: Build version shown in header
IMPROVED: The attributed Everyone text now shows as Organization
FIXED: Style Sheet uploading and usage.
FIXED: Further Analysis feature is now hidden if the Analysis.Create permission is set to deny.
FIXED: Error when attempting to cull the admin log.
FIXED: Fixed issue preventing the Organization filter in Dynamic Reports to be applied correctly.

How to upgrade

To upgrade to the latest build, select Tools | Check for updates in WebSpy Vantage.  To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

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