Vantage Ultimate Release Notes
   All Release Notes Vantage Ultimate (2017-11-02)

Release Date: 2nd November 2017

WebSpy Vantage 3.0 Full Release is now available. 

Vantage Application:
ADDED: Reporting on large data sets using report templates with three or more levels are up to 90% faster.
ADDED: Integrated the Fastvue Site Clean engine to show a cleaner list of sites visited. All schemas containing URLs have a new 'Origin Domain' summary that shows the 'cleaned' list of sites. This uses a list of known domains and junk URLs that is automatically updated.
ADDED: .Net 4.6 support.
ADDED: Updated User Interface for both Vantage and the Web Module.
ADDED: New report templates for Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, WatchGuard, McAfee Web Gateway and Cisco ASA with Firepower. 
ADDED: URL extraction supports next-generation Top Level Domains (TLDs). The list of supported TLDs is automatically updated.
ADDED: Log import over SCP/SFTP.
IMPROVED: Updated Aliases and Profiles.
IMPROVED: Improved PDF support.
IMPROVED: Improved Zip support.
IMPROVED: Data storage stability.
ADDED: New migration wizard to easily upgrade from earlier versions of Vantage.
IMPROVED: Automatically excludes .sha256 files when importing log files captured with Fastvue Syslog (
IMPROVED: Import Organization Wizard can now import from the default domain controller, rather than a specific hard-set server.
IMPROVED: Import Organisation 'User Details' page now has an 'Active Directory Defaults' option that imports the most common username formats both with and without domain prefixes accounting for most log analysis situations.
IMPROVED: Import Organisation function now imports users with blank group names into an 'Ungrouped' group. This can behavior can be enabled or disabled on the 'Grouping' page of the Import Organization wizard.
IMPROVED: The 'User' summary now shows source host and/or source IP when no username is logged, for most formats.
FIXED: Fixed issues in PDF report generation.  
FIXED: Charts labels now support report nodes with multiple keys columns.
ADDED: New option to 'Clear all import issues' in a Storage.
IMPROVED: Trace logging for better debugging
IMPROVED: Task Log now contains start and end times for task actions. 
FIXED: Issue preventing 'Export All Views' on Analysis tab from working.
FIXED: Permissions issue preventing auto-updates from installing correctly. 
IMPROVED: Expired software can now be updated via the auto-updater. 
FIXED: Report Template configuration issues when editing aggregate columns and chart settings
FIXED: Incorrect sort order of second level template nodes.
FIXED: Issue when publishing reports when there is a circular reference in the manager hierarchy.
FIXED: Duplicating 'Publish report to Web Module' task action did not copy filters or publish storage options.
FIXED: The 'last run time' in a Task did not update correctly. 
FIXED: Fixed 'No logical space' and 'Report row 0' errors that may occur during Analysis or Report generation.
FIXED: Fixed 'Index out of Range in PolynodeProcess on QueryDataTableCollection indexer' error.
FIXED: Removed the confirmation change prompt on Organization and Web Module permissions when no change occurred.
IMPROVED: Previously hidden or excluded fields such as 'Message' are now selectable via filters and other areas. 
FIXED: You can now clear a user's manager from the Organization tree.
FIXED: Memory issues when importing new hits into a Storage.
ADDED: Copy Selected Alias option
+ Many other minor bug fixes, additions and performance improvements

Web Module:

IMPROVED: Updated User Interface. 
IMPROVED: Web Module's data location is now shown in Options | Data | Data Maintenance.
IMPROVED: Port 47100 is now used by default to transfer data between Vantage and the Web Module. This port is opened during installation. 
IMPROVED: Subscription expiry displayed in the header when there are 40 days or less remaining.
FIXED: Charts now support report nodes with multiple key columns.
FIXED: Fixed report exporting issues.
FIXED: Fixed issues editing the Welcome Page text.
+ Many other minor bug fixes, additions and performance improvements.


ADDED: Reworked Event Log Support.
ADDED: Sophos XG WAF support.
ADDED: Cisco Meraki support. 
ADDED: Palo Alto v8 support.
ADDED: Websense Triton support.
ADDED: Barracuda v12 log support. 
IMPROVED: New Squid log support. 
IMPROVED: Ironport import speed (4-5x faster), ACL tags cleaned up, site and destination fall back information. 
IMPROVED: Sonicwall log support.
IMPROVED: Sophos XG log support.
IMPROVED: Cisco ASA log support.
IMPROVED: Cisco ASA with firepower log support.
IMPROVED: Cisco ASA 106023 message support.  
IMPROVED: Checkpoint log support. 
IMPROVED: Clavister log support. 
IMPROVED: Fortinet log support. 
IMPROVED: McAfee log support.
IMPROVED: Watchguard XTM log support.
IMPROVED: Websense log support. 
IMPROVED: WebWasher log support.
IMPROVED: Trend IWSVA log support. 
IMPROVED: Bluecoat log support. 
IMPROVED: Palo Alto log support.
FIXED: IIS Original IP import error. 

How to upgrade

Download the latest Vantage 3.0 installer from the WebSpy Vantage download page.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Vantage 3.0, simply run the new installer over the top of your existing installation. The installer will pick up your existing settings, so just click next throughout the wizard without making any changes. 

If you are upgrading from Vantage 2.2 or earlier please see the Upgrade tab on our Getting Started page for more detailed instructions.

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