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   All Release Notes Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2023-09-22)

  • When filtering an Activity Report by multiple Security Groups, the selected Security Groups are now shown as a comma separated list in a single row in the report, rather than creating duplicated rows for each Security Group a person is a member of. This fix also applies to filtering by other multi-value (arrayed) fields such as categories.
  • Source host resolution now only occurs on internal IP address ranges, or ranges specified in the ResolveSourceHostsIPRanges property in the Settings.xml file.
  • Added Search Term extraction for
  • Fixed the handling of value-less URL query parameters (e.g. ‘?ab&c=123’ -> ab=(blank), c=123)
  • Elasticsearch *.mdmp files now get deleted as part of the cleanup task when a low disk space warning is triggered.
Performance Improvements
  • Incoming syslog data is no longer queued in memory when the database is not operational.
  • Elasticsearch is now configured to enable memory locking by default, configurable via setting DatabaseElasticMemoryLock in the Settings.xml file.
  • Elasticsearch Java process priority is now set to Normal by default, can now be optionally set to BelowNormal by setting DatabaseElasticProcessPriorityLow in the Settings.xml file.
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