Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance Release Notes
   All Release Notes Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance Release Candidate (2019-05-31)
  • Added a 'Safeguarding' section to Overview Reports and User Overview Reports. This section shows Suspicious Searches, All Searches, YouTube Video URLs, YouTube Searches, and both Allowed and Blocked Unacceptable Sites.
  • Searches on are now extracted into the 'Search Terms' field.
  • Fixed issue where report widgets were in the incorrect order when exporting a report to CSV.
  • Fixed issue where some 'Size' columns were not exported when exporting to CSV. 
  • Export to CSV no longer contains 'Chart data' when the table data is also present.
  • Added User Domain field which is populated from the domain in the User Login Name field (if present).
  • Fixed issues when showing Browsing Time in Bar Charts.
  • Added a light line section separator between main sidebar sections in Overview Reports.

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