Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance Release Notes
   All Release Notes Reporter for Sophos Web Appliance (2018-06-08)
  • Emailed report notifications now indicate if the report is blank rather than provide a button/link to view the report.
  • Fixed LDAP import to correctly merge Security Groups from multiple domains.
  • Sharing non-private reports from the Reports tab now uses the correct URL.
  • Report emails now use a query parameter (?reportID=abc), rather than a # (#reportID=abc) to identify the reportID in the report's URL. This is because some email clients strip out everything after # when clicking links in emails.
  • Accessing Reports.aspx with a report GUID that doesn't exist now displays a "Report does not exist" message.
  • Date pickers on the Reports tab no longer display a drop-down showing most recently selected dates.
  • Internal 'Filesystem' source type now supports compressed files (zip, gz, tgz/tar.gz, tar).
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