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   All Release Notes Reporter for Palo Alto Networks (2023-02-10)
  • YouTube shorts are now officially supported. Video IDs are now correctly extracted from URLs and resolved using the YouTube API when users watch YouTube Shorts.
  • The High Risk Sites alert has been renamed to Allowed High Risk Sites and is now filtered by Action ‘Equal to’ Allowed, and Category ‘Equal to’ High risk. This was previously filtered by Application Risk ‘Equal to’ High or Very High, which caused too many alerts for websites that were not truly high risk, due to common sites having attributes such as ‘consume-big-bandwidth’ or ‘pervasive-use. To obtain the new version of the alert after upgrading, go to Settings | Alerts and click the ‘Reset to factory defaults’ button next to the ‘High Risk Sites’ alert.
  • Added a new field called Risk Reason showing the attributes such as ‘consume-big-bandwidth’ that contribute to the Application Risk Rating.
  • Added a new alert called Allowed High Risk Applications that is filtered by allowed ‘Very High’ risk ratings (5). 
  • Application widgets in Overview Reports have been adjusted to show Application Risk and Risk Reason.
  • Dashboard Application filters have been updated. 
  • Default syslog encoding is now set to UTF-8 fixing import issues with non-english character sets. The encoding can be changed by editing the value of the SyslogGlobalEncodingType setting in Fastvue Reporter’s Settings.xml file. Possible values include UTF-8, ASCII, UTF-16 and UTF-32.
  • Fixed an issue with ‘whole word’ keyword matching when the phrase contains non-english characters such as the é in appétit.
  • Fixed display issues with the ‘Print’ style when printing reports in the browser.
  • Fixed display issues with the buttons above some Report widgets preventing them wrapping to multiple lines.
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