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   All Release Notes Reporter for Palo Alto (2023-06-26)

Improved Palo Alto Networks Integration
  • New Categories: Added support and default Productivity settings for new Categories Ransomware, Real Time Detection, and Encrypted DNS.
  • Improved Threat Reports: Report widgets and alerts showing ‘Threats’ now ignore threat name 9999. For information about Threat 9999, see the Palo Alto Networks article here: Threat ID -9999 is blocking some sites. .
Improved performance:
  • Optimized the live dashboard query processing and timing to reduce CPU wastage.
  • Optimized the import pipeline to reduce RAM, CPU, and I/O.
  • Adjusted the default database memory settings. JVM Heap Size now defaults to 50% of RAM or 1GB, whichever is larger, clamped up to 32GB. These settings are used when Memory Settings are set to ‘Automatic’ in Settings > Diagnostic > Database > Memory Settings.
  • Improved Search Term extraction rules including TikTok,,, Yahoo, and Bing chat.
  • Activity Reports now insert a column for Keyword Group when filtering by more than one Keyword Group.
  • The YouTube Videos widget now shows the original YouTube URL if YouTube integration is not enabled in Settings > YouTube.
  • Fixed an issue that may prevent users from being notified about errors saving configuration, such as Alerts being created with the same name.
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