Reporter for Palo Alto Release Notes
   All Release Notes Reporter for Palo Alto BETA (2020-06-10)
  • Changes to default Alerts:
    • Added a new Drug Searches Alert
    • Increased the Unproductive Browsing > 30 Minutes alert to Unproductive Browsing > 1 hour.
    • Renamed the High Risk Detected alert to High Risk Sites and added a filter for Event Type = Url.
    • Renamed Threat Detected Alert to Threat Detected (High or Critical) and added filters for High or Critical severity.
    • Added Threat Detected (Medium or Low) – a low priority alert filtering threats by Medium and Low severities.
    • Renamed the Wildfire Inspection Result Detected alert to Wildfire Inspection Result and changed its priority to Medium.
    • Renamed Bandwidth Alert > 1 hour alert to Bandwidth Over 20 GB in 4 Hours and changed the criteria appropriately.
  • Changes to IT Network and Security and All Usage Reports:
    • Moved Firewall Actions Over Time from the Overview Section to the Firewall section.
    • Added Palo Alto Firewalls widget to the Firewall section.
    • Removed Application widget from the Firewall section.
    • Added filter to remove blank categories from the Allowed Web Categories widget.
    • The Threats section now includes widgets for High/Critical Threats and Medium/Low Threats.
  • Modified the layout of the Start page.
  • Fixed issue related to the parsing of log lines with multiple URL Categories.
  • The Block Evidence field now contains a comma-separated list of multiple categories when applicable.
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