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   All Release Notes Reporter for Palo Alto BETA (2020-08-07)
  • Fixed a range of log parsing issues. You may have seen strange ‘Threat Detected’ alerts and/or URLs appearing in the Unassigned list in Settings | Productivity.
  • Fixed issue where most Categories were not correctly falling into a Productivity list, resulting in most traffic showing as ‘Unassigned’ or ‘Uncertain’ in the Dashboards and Reports.
  • Updated Productivity settings to adjust for changes in Palo Alto v10. To get the latest changes, you will need to manually reset your Productivity settings after upgrading the software. To do this, please see our article on resetting Productivity settings to defaults.
  • Alerts on web traffic that show URLs no longer include application traffic with blank URLs. After upgrading, you will need to manually upgrade your alerts. To do this, please see our article on updating alerts to the latest version.
  • The Categories widget in the User All Usage report no longer reports 0 size for each Category.
  • The ‘Any’ Category is now excluded from the Categories widgets in Dashboards and Reports (Palo Alto logs ‘Any’ as the category for Application traffic that does not make it into the Content Filter).
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Top User’ and ‘Top Site’ widgets in Overview Reports were not correct.
  • Fixed issue where the Warned Sites widget in the IT Network and Security report was showing Allowed sites.
  • Fixed link to the Getting Started Guide in the installation launcher app.
  • Filtering reports by Filename Extension no longer requires the extension to be entered in UPPERCASE.
  • Fixed an issue where strange Search Terms such as “56,148,835,15” were being extracted from YouTube.
  • Fixed issue preventing picklists from being presented when filtering by certain fields such as Event/Message Types.
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