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   All Release Notes Reporter for Palo Alto BETA (2020-09-02)
  • Size of URLs in the Threat log are now calculated by matching the session ID in the Traffic log. For sessions with more than one URL in the Threat log, the size is attributed to the last URL in the session.
  • The ‘Any’ category is no longer attributed to a Productivity list. This was causing a large amount of traffic to show under the ‘Unassigned’ Productivity group.
  • Renamed the Firewall Server field to Firewall Hostname
  • Added Firewall IP field
  • Fixed issue with excessive memory and CPU usage when an alert is configured using the ‘Greater than’, ‘Less than’, ‘Greater than or equal’, or ‘Less than or equal’ operators on numeric fields that are not aggregates, such as Hours or Ports.
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