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   All Release Notes Reporter for Palo Alto (2022-04-19)
  • The Unassigned Productivity list (Settings | Productivity) now has a limit of 200 values.
  • Added support for Destination Country. This field can be used in report and alert filters, and added to alert evidence tables.
  • Fixed and worked around logging issues in PanOS 10.2 including one where invalid log data could creep into the Category field causing hundreds of thousands of categories in the Productivity ‘Unassigned’ list, causing reporting issues.
  • Improved application risk assignment using new log fields in PanOS v10.2. Previously the risks were shown as Low, Medium and High. New assignments are:
    • 1 – Very low
    • 2 – Low
    • 3 – Medium
    • 4 – High
    • 5 – Very high
  • High risk alert now triggers on Very high as well as High. Click the ‘Reset to default’ option on the Alert in Settings | Alerts, or simply add ‘Very high’ to the Alert’s criteria.
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