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   All Release Notes Reporter for Barracuda Web Filter (2015-11-10)

Performance Update

  • Rewrote widget layout and processing subsystem;
  • Tabular analysis compaction logic;
  • Analysis compiler improvements/fixes;
  • Refactored dashboard and report widget layout management¬†
  • Added caching of calculated Origin Domain, Site Domain and Referrer Domain
  • Optimised diagnostic logging system
  • Restructured RecordProcessor design
  • Widget engine now logs individual widget performance timings in Verbose logging mode.
  • Optimised ExtractDomain performance
  • Added record string caching system
  • Added metrics to diagnostic log. Includes CPU count, RAM physical total, OS name, OS version, and OS architecture.
  • Caches are cleaned daily at midnight but only if there are no active report processors.
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