Reporter for Barracuda Release Notes
   All Release Notes Reporter for Barracuda (2023-10-13)

Security Update
New Fields
  • You can now filter Reports and Alerts by the ‘isJunk’ field, allowing you to remove or include URLs in the Junk URLs list (see Settings > Site Clean > Junk URLs). Note that the ‘Clean (on)’ option in Overview Reports already removes Junk URLs or substitutes them with the actual/visited domain.
Site Clean
  • Added Junk URLs associated with background LinkedIn activity that can bloat browsing time when not actually using LinkedIn.
  • Added over 42,500 known ad servers to the list of Junk URLs.
  • Added domain substitutes for known TikTok CDNs.
  • Added a range of exclude keywords to many drugs in the Drugs Keyword group to remove false positives associated with researching issues related to drugs (statistics, prevention, long term effects, etc).
  • Added new keywords and exclude keywords to Extremism, Self Harm and Adult and Profanity keyword groups.

Note: Site Clean and Keyword updates are delivered automatically behind the scenes, but if your Fastvue Reporter server is air-gapped, simply update the software to obtain these updates.

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