Reporter for Barracuda Release Notes
   All Release Notes Reporter for Barracuda (2022-10-13)
  • Most report widgets now expand long strings to multiple lines instead of being truncated with an ellipsis.
  • Improved the performance of syslog import when you have many syslog sources.
  • Fixed an issue introduced the previous build where directory / LDAP import causes a memory issue when importing result sets containing more than 500 entities.
  • Fixed issues with this keyword highlighting positioning in certain keyword matching situations. 
  • Added checks for invalid characters in filenames and file extensions.
  • Added more instruments to the hidden page at /settings/DiagStats.aspx for the main four Elasticsearch request queues (Bulk, Management, Search, Warmer), named “dbEsqIndex”, “dbEsqMgmt”, “dbEsqSearch”, and “dbEsqWarmer”. Cache information has been added to DiagStats, along with a button to manually clear caches. 
  • As disk performance can greatly impact Fastvue Reporter’s performance, a basic disk benchmark tool has been added to the hidden diagnostic page at /settings/DiagStats.aspx, showing sequential/random read/write performance, as well as random seek latency. Additional instruments and cache information have also been added.
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