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   All Release Notes Reporter for Barracuda (2017-05-19)
  • Email alerts can now be sent when an interruption in syslog traffic is detected. This email is disabled by default, and can be enabled via the API by hitting this URL: http://your_fastvue_url/_/api?f=Settings.General.SetAlertNoSyslogTraffic&enabled=true (replace http://your_fastvue_url with your actual Fastvue Reporter URL). Emails will be sent to the 'System Notifications' email address specified in Settings | Email.
  • The detection of 'No syslog data received' now occurs per source. Syslog traffic from multiple IPs would prevent the detection of interruption unless¬†all¬†devices stopped sending syslog traffic at the same time.
  • Fixed issues with alerts that use Browsing Time or Session Time in their criteria from incorrectly triggering.
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