Reporter for Barracuda Release Notes
   All Release Notes Reporter for Barracuda (2020-03-11)
  • Fixed an issue that may prevent Search Term Alerts from working after the alerts are edited. If you’re experiencing this issue, edit your Search Term alert, and make sure the filter for Site Resource with the values /s and /su are set to ‘Not equal to’. There was an issue where this portion of the filter would be set to ‘Equal to’ if the alert was edited and saved, preventing the alert from working correctly.
  • Fixed issue that may result in out of memory issues after startup when the data retention policy attempts to calculate the size of old /closed indexes.
  • Elasticsearch no longer writes out enormous heap dump files when it runs out of memory. Any existing heap dump files will be deleted when disk space gets low.
  • Installation now cleans up Elasticsearch package extraction temporary files even if the extract fails.
  • Fixed issue in Alert Settings where the Alert Evidence Config Table sets example data to ‘User’ after the table is loaded.
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