Reporter for FortiGate Release Notes
   All Release Notes Reporter for FortiGate BETA (2019-11-12)
  • Improved data import performance.
  • Reported bandwidth sizes are no longer inflated by certain FortiGate event IDs (21, 37141, 39936, 39949).
  • Fixed further issues with Data Retention that may prevent old data from being deleted from disk.
  • Fixed report errors that may occur when reporting on large date ranges.
  • Fixed issue where the Largest Download shown on the Overview Dashboard may not match the Largest Download shown on the Bandwidth Dashboard. 
  • Improved the performance of the Dashboard queries. 
  • When importing syslog data via TCP, any "Connection Forcibly Closed" issues are automatically removed when the syslog connection is re-established.
  • If email settings are not configured, a prompt is now shown under the email options in Settings | Reports | Scheduled Report.
  • Improved Demo Data. YouTube URLs no longer show unknown:// as the URL scheme.

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