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   All Release Notes Reporter for FortiGate BETA (2019-10-28)
  • Fixed a major issue where data exceeding the retention policy was not removed if was older than 32 days.
  • Size is now calculated correctly for all URLs, working around an issue in FortiGate's Web Filter log (as shown below). Sizes reported on the Bandwidth dashboard, Reports and Alerts are now much more sensible/accurate.
    FortiGate Size Logging Issue
    This screenshot from FortiAnalyzer shows how FortiGate's Web Filter does not log the expected sent/received sizes for individual URLs. Fastvue Reporter for FortiGate now performs the calculations necessary to present accurate size values for each URL.
  • Improved Search Terms field to remove values that are not actual searches.
  • Added two new widgets 'Users' and 'Source Hosts and MACs' widgets to the Network section in IT / Network Security and All Usage Reports. Also moved the Network section higher in the report. 
  • Improved diagnostic logging. Added metrics for System CPU, System RAM, and System Disk to show system-wide resource utilisation.
  • Fixed issues preventing the ability to cancel in-progress Overview Reports.
  • Activity Reports now limit the individual URLs returned within each browsing session's inner table to 2000 rows, improving performance and general readability.
  • Added APIs for retrieving Elasticsearch index details (Database.ElasticIndexInfo) and requesting a reindex (Database.ElasticReindex(index)) in the case that its field mapping becomes invalid.
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