Reporter for FortiGate Release Notes
   All Release Notes Reporter for FortiGate BETA (2019-11-01)
  • Reports can now be shared, exported and scheduled as PDF or CSV, and attached to report notification emails.
    Sharing a PDF Report via Email
  • When exporting, sharing or scheduling Activity Reports as PDF or CSV, you get the option to export the report with session rows collapsed or expanded.
    Share Activity Report PDF via Email
  • Improved the format of CSV exports. 
  • Fixed an issue with Search Term detection when URLs are not logged with the correct encoding.
  • As some log events do not include Source Host, Fastvue Reporter now copies Source Hosts to each subsequent record in the same session after a valid Source Host has been detected.
  • Fixed issue preventing the 'Retry Report' button that gets displayed when viewing a failed report from working.

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