Fastvue Syslog Release Notes
   All Release Notes Fastvue Syslog (2018-09-11)
  • ADDED: TCP support.
  • ADDED: Support for IPV6.¬†
  • ADDED: Display Name option per source. Also added {displayname} as a parameter to use in log paths and filenames.
  • ADDED: Syslog messages received by the server with no active Source in Fastvue Syslog will no longer increase the memory usage of Fastvue Syslog.
  • IMPROVED: Uses .Net framework 4.6.
  • IMPROVED: Timestamps are shown in UTC.
  • IMPROVED: The version number is now displayed in the web UI's header.
  • IMPROVED: Removed unimportant options from the installer.
  • IMPROVED: Minor UI updates such as new logo, copyright year, and¬†logout/Configuration button alignments in mobile phone layout.
  • FIXED: Specified data location in the installer may be ignored.
  • FIXED: Removal of blank lines being logged.
  • FIXED: No sources listed can cause a slow response in the UI.
  • FIXED: If page loads on a source with no stats; no source information is displayed.
  • FIXED: Source details continue to be displayed when the source has been deleted.
  • FIXED: Forwarding to an IPv6 address when an IPv4 address is specified.
  • FIXED: Forward IP and Forward Host can become different IPs.
  • FIXED: Zip as the default archive compression.
  • FIXED: Archiving errors preventing logging.
  • FIXED: Only removes logs once archiving has been confirmed.
  • FIXED: Global Statistics page now uses a size calculation instead of just showing sizes in MB.
  • FIXED: Cancelling a log download in the web UI causes a service crash.
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