Fastvue Syslog Release Notes
   All Release Notes Fastvue Syslog (2016-02-15)
  • Fixed nullref in globalstats API when a source exists without any statistics.
  • Files and Archives tables now have pagination, searching and sorting.
  • Decreased column chart padding between series.
  • Fixed sorting by size and date in Archives table.
  • Deleting or moving logs will now cause syslog server to remove the file entry and subtract the statistics.
  • Archive on/off state did not save properly – fixed.
  • Editing an existing source no longer causes js console errors, breaking the UI until refresh.
  • Stats API now correctly uses per-date size info when building date stats array.
  • Per source 'size' stats now show archive size and log size.
  • Archived log entries now have their per-date compressed size statistics approximated based on the total original size of the log file and the original sizes of the data for each date.
  • Approximated archive log sizes are stored in a new archiveSize field on date entries in log entries.
  • Adjusted statistics APIs to use the archiveSize field for date entries on archived logs.
  • AJAX call will now detect an undefined return (indicating you are not logged in) and will refresh the page, which will redirect to login screen if required.
  • Added render function for displaying Global Settings
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