Fastvue Syslog Release Notes
   All Release Notes Fastvue Syslog (2016-01-28)
  • Enabling/disabling auto-discover mode dynamically shows 'Add Syslog Source' or 'Edit Listening Ports' options.
  • Combined Messages p/day and Size p/day statistics charts. Now uses a toggle switch
  • Changed messages/sec display to a number instead of a gauge.
  • Redesigned the 'Edit Listening Ports' UI.
  • Editing listening ports now validates for integers and non-blanks (prevents 0 from becoming a monitored port)
  • Improved the display of syslog sources with long host names.
  • Fixed width of the per-source statistics on large displays.
  • Changed Global Statistics chart colors.
  • Saving a source no longer duplicates it when in auto-discover mode.
  • Auto-discover now searches for ((IP || HOST) && PORT) when looking for an existing source.
  • Improved debug logging for authentication issues.
  • Various minor UI bug fixes. 
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